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Speeding In New Jersey

I Was Speeding – Now I Fear I Might Loose My Driver's License?

Heading down the Garden State Parkway on the way to a weekend trip in Long Beach Island can provide an easy opportunity to drive over the speed limit. Throughout Monmouth and Ocean County there are many major New Jersey roadways that drivers travel on each day. Though the speed limit can vary anywhere from 25mph to 65mph, drivers who decide to speed should be aware that with each mile they go over the limit they not only put themselves at risk of getting into an accident, but there are also legal consequences that come with speeding. In many cases drivers who are pulled over for speeding offenses have a previous motor vehicle violation, which may then subject the driver to a license suspension. Although speeding offenses are a frequent traffic offense in New Jersey, many drivers make the mistake of not seeking legal representation. If stopped in Monmouth or Ocean County for speeding, you should seek out our experienced traffic defense team at Villani & DeLuca P.C.

Different Rates of Speed in New Jersey

Depending on where the driver was traveling during the time of a traffic stop, there are different rates of speed that must be obeyed, and accompanying penalties for failing to do so. The statute N.J.S.A. 39:4-98 lays out the different speed limits in New Jersey. School zones, where children are present, and some business and residential districts are 25 miles per hour. Many suburban business and residential districts will have a 35 mile per hour speed limit. And many highways, routes, and multilane roads will have a 55-65 mile per hour speed limit.

Penalties for Speeding in New Jersey

With a speeding charge in Monmouth or Ocean County, a driver can expect to pay a fine of $50-$200 which can be doubled in certain circumstances. Additionally, speeding offenses will result in points being added to a driver's license by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission. Once the driver has reached 12 points, that person will have their license suspended. The number of points added to the driver's license will be determined by how much faster over the limit the driver was operating.  Below are the points assigned to each speeding threshold:

  • 1-14 miles over speed limit: 2 points
  • 15-29 miles over speed limit: 4 points
  • 30 miles or more over speed limit: 5 points

Although there are default speed limits listed in this statute, certain locations may require a speed limit change, and fines for violating the posted speed limit will be doubled. Examples of these locations include school zones, 65 mph zones and work zones. What this means is that if the speed limit is normally 65 mph on the Garden State Parkway but construction work is being performed, that zone can change to 40 mph limit. A driver who is traveling 70 mph and gets stopped by law enforcement in this zone can now be charged with speeding as a 5-point offense. If the driver is also charged with other motor vehicle violations such as reckless driving, which is 5 points itself, and failure to maintain lanes, which is another 2 points, this driver can be looking at license suspension from just one incident. In New Jersey there are no exceptions for drivers who have had their license suspended. Not being able to use your vehicle can greatly affect your ability to work or transport family members who are dependent on your ability to drive in New Jersey. Speeding may seem like a minor offense but it creates a difficult situation for those who do not seek legal representation to protect themselves from the possible penalties and consequences

Traffic Attorney In New Jersey

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