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Criminal Cases vs. Civil Cases?

Understanding The Difference Between A Criminal Case Verse A Civil Case?

What Is A Civil Case In New Jersey?

In a civil case the suit is initiated by an individual, business or group of people seeking to collect money owed or to recover monetary damages for harm caused by a violation of legal duty. In a civil case it is up to the party that is seeking damages to file the case. Types of civil cases can include contract disputes, tort, car accident, class action suits, restraining orders, business suits or other matters not listed here. To prove that harm has come to a person in a civil matter, the preponderance of evidence must be met. In a civil matters this is based on how convincing the evidence is and the probability that it is true and accurate verses the amount of evidence. In these types of civil cases a person would seek a civil litigation attorney.

What Is A Criminal Case?

A criminal case starts with an investigation by law enforcement which then leads to criminal charges being filed against the defendant by either the local, state or federal government. In a criminal case the prosecutor who is working on behalf of the government will seek either a fine, probation or jail for any unlawful acts. A crime is considered to be any offense against the state, or society on a whole and will include theft, drug offenses, assault, domestic violence, homicide, white collar crimes or driving offenses. In a criminal case, the prosecutor files the case in court on behalf of the state and not the victim of the crime. The prosecutor in the case must prove that beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty of the crime that they have been charged with. When the prosecutor presents the evidence to a reasonable person they must have no doubt in their mind that the evidence presented to them is true and accurate. In a criminal case you would want to seek the services of a criminal defense attorney.

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