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Defiant Trespass In New Jersey

Refused To Leave A Bar – Now Charged With Defiant Trespass

Did you know refusing to leave a bar could get you 30 days in jail? Imagine, it's summertime and you are hanging out with friends in a bar in Asbury Park or Point Pleasant Beach and then suddenly things get a bit rowdy. A bouncer notices your acting up and tells you it's time to go and escorts you out of the bar. You don't want your night to end so you wait a little while and then sneak back in the side door. Not a big deal, right? Well in New Jersey this is considered defiant trespass (N.J.S.A. 2C:18-3b) which is a petty disorderly offense.There may also be times when you enter an area where you know you probably should not be walking. However, you may not realize you could actually be charged with a crime. Perhaps you're running late for work. You're trying to catch a New Jersey Transit train in Belmar, and you see it coming but don't have time to walk up to a designated cross walk. If you decide to cross the tracks in an unauthorized area in order to avoid missing the train, you could be in big trouble.  If a NJ Transit Police Officer sees you crossing the tracks, you could be charged with defiant trespass.You could be found guilty of defiant trespass if you have been notified that you are trespassing by the display of a sign or have been told by a person that you need to leave and choose to remain where you aren't supposed to be. Another visual sign that you are not welcomed is a fence around a building or property indicating that you shouldn't be there. Also, walking or biking near utility company trails could also be grounds for arrest. In order to keep yourself out of trouble make sure you adhere to all posted signs.

Defiant Trespassing (N.J.S.A. 2C:18-3b)

Defiant trespassing is considered a petty disorderly offense. If convicted, you could receive up to 30 days in jail and a fine of $500.00. These penalties may not seem very severe. But consider what would happen if you had to serve 30 days in jail. How would you explain this to your family or your employer? Would you lose your job? And $500.00 is not something you want to pay just because you had to have one more beer with your friends or could not wait for the next train.

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Although a defiant trespass charge is a disorderly persons offense, if there are other factors involved you could be facing more serious charges. An experienced defense attorney can assist you with your case.  Depending on the circumstances, you could get the charges reduced or dismissed completely.

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